Vikram Kharvi

@Vikynomics·2yr ago·3:52

Monday = Motivation? Where the hell it is?

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"…And that's one thing that will really lift your spirits and help you motivate. Of course, there are many things people do and these are just some of the suggestions that Mind Me offering you today on Swell. I would like to know from you? What are the techniques that you are using to boost your motivation to go through the week? If you have any unique motivation that you would like to share, please welcome and share it here. It would be lovely to hear you all.…"

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Karan Dev

@Karan.Dev · 2yr ago · 1:44

"…Hey, Vikram, thanks again. You know, I have some sort of I've got a morning routine for sure. But for me, I like thinking about my day in smaller bits. You know, I like breaking down my tasks and taking, taking it, say half an hour at a time. And you're so right about rewarding yourself and also sort of meditating and prayers as well. These are some things that I try and follow.…"


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