Love or not

I should have knew better but is it love or is it not? It can't be. Let's be honest with me. Love don't feel like that. His touch is temporary. It's only for the second day he's give you in those moments that's it when it really matters and it really count. Do he show up for you? I look back he did. That's what people do when it's time to reel you in. I thought it was love

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Renee Slay
@Renee_Slay · 0:20


I really love this piece, and I can resonate with it. But what I love most about it is your evolution of how you feel, how it starts one way, and it just goes into this freedom from, like, calling it love to know it's, not to. Oh, beautiful. Great message. Thank you
Veronica Triplett
@VeeTrip · 0:29


Okay. I'm sorry that I'm so late. I haven't been on here a few days, but how are you doing, Renee? And I'm glad you did enjoy this piece. I try to be very transparent and just be living a moment when I speak. A lot of it is freestyle, so yeah, I'm just glad that you like it. Well, I'm going to check you out and show you some love on your swell as well