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MCU part 1

And during the time the Dark Elves were born, and then a millennia ago from now, King Boris Asgard goes towards the Dark Elves and the leader Malice, and he defeated them and hide the ether. That is the reality Stone. And during this time a meteor of Vibranium crashes into the African country later known as Wakanda, making it technologically advanced

Hi! So in this series of swells I will be talking about the story line of marvel in general from the very begining.

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He was trying to watch them in chronological order, but I always feel like they're either a little too complicated or too action packed for me to appreciate until I watched a few with him that had where Wanda Maximoff and Vision come in, and I was absolutely riveted by them as a couple
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Hey, Vasuj. Great. Swell. Even though I'm a big Marvel fan, I know the whole story. I'm still looking forward to listening. All of this. Wells waiting for the next twelve. Thank you
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Welcome to Swell!

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Hi at Z Lisbon. First of all, it's really nice to hear that someone else, someone new is adopting the MCU as we know it. And it's really great that your husband is fan of Marvel. And I do hope that you see all of the movies, all the three phases and the upcoming fourth phase. And I hope that your husband showed you the new Spider Man movie