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India!! INDIA!!

So in that scenario, Afghanistan has to beat New Zealand, for India to have at least a chance. And if Afghanistan beat New Zealand and India beat Afghanistan, all three teams will be on six points. And if that happens in that situation, it will boil down to the net run rate. And for India to come out victorious in that, India will need to have really big wins against Namibia and Scotland. And see, that is the all breakdown

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Thank you for all the information, Vasu you know, for a second for all the news and stuff. We come to know that India is just like out of the tournament, but your numbers ranching has really helped and given more motor to US cricket fans to be very honest. It is like really difficult for Afghanistan to be in New Zealand. But yeah, let's just hope for the best and let's see if I we can garage Pakistan again in the finale. So yeah. Thank you