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Series for swells.

Hi, guys. So in this. Well, I wanted to talk to you about some favorite shows or some favorite series that you guys watch. For me, it has to be these two series by the name of Rick and Morty. I'm sure everyone has heard of it. And Breaking Bad these 2 may sound cliche, but actually I've seen Rick and Morty twice after I initially first saw it. I marathon it twice. Some episodes I've seen three or maybe four or five times

Do mention some of the series,movies, videos you have seen which never fail to cheer you up. Happy listening!! #BreakingBad #RickAndMorty

Dominique Davis
@Dominique · 0:39
For me, a show that just cheers me up has to be Ted Lasso, especially that first season. It came out during Quarantine, and it was just a perfect show for that time. And it just managed to get me out of of a funk when the world just seemingly was just at its worst. And I still love to just go back and rewatch that first season because it really does hold a special place in my heart. And I love the second season as well
Arushi Patkey
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So I've heard about drinking bad. Unfortunately, Unfortunately, I don't know. I've not heard about Ricky and Marty. Now that you've said that you've repeatedly seen it and you kind of. I mean, your voice sounds like these are one of the the best series that you need to watch. I'm definitely going and checking this out. Thank you, Vasu, for recommendations