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Varun Varma

 · 9mo ago · 3:13
Reading Book or Watching movie??

"…So hey everyone. Good evening. I hope you're all doing great and are in good position. So today swell is something different. Recently I read a book called Calling Semi written by Harinder as Chika. And this book is a sort of a thriller of a kind. And the main characters of the story are Hidaat and the role of a girl called Samath.…"


The Brown Indian Girl Talks

 · 8mo ago · 1:12

"…Hey Varon, I'm so happy to be here on your swell and listening to you describe the beautiful book that you read and the question that you raised in the end. So the thing is for me, not all books are made into movies with such high imagination that we would have had so 70% of the time. Books that I've read made into movies have been a disappointment, whereas in certain cases I've enjoyed the movie too.…"