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Where would you be

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"…Where would you be? Where would you be if you were not procrastinating? Where would you be if you were not lazy? How different would your life where would you be be if you were to determine? Some people say determined. I guess if I were not procrastinating and if I was not leasing, though, I would be in the perfect BMI body mass index. I fall in overweight. If I were not procrastinating, I would be in a good College because I would be studying.…"



Nikita Arora

@The_gyaaniKeeda · 3mo ago · 3:32

"…So next time, whenever you make up your mind and I'll study after five minutes, and even after five minutes, when you're not ready, take another time not to take half an hour, listen to some music, just chill, just relax yourself and then you'll feel like studying like multiple notes. If you will be like, after five minutes, now I should study. Now I should study. You will never be able to do that. You will never be able to concentrate.…"

Chandrika Devi ;)

@Devii_official · 3mo ago · 1:27

"…Plus many exams, but the procrastination is still having effects on me to be blamed. Sometimes we just have to fall down and it's our responsibility to pick up ourselves back again and get the flow going. So I think this will provide a very detailed and a nice way of looking at things and how procrastination works in everybody's individual's life. So thank you for bringing this up on swell. And the whole swell I heard through is really going to help me because I've been examstered.…"



"…For example, if your issue is that you are afraid that you won't be able to handle the task well enough, you can tell yourself that even if you make a mistake, that's not the end of the world and you can't and correct it later on. So yeah, thank you so much for posting this and I hope you're doing great and yeah, have a great day. Bye.…"



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Welcome to Swell!

Tanishka Singh

@Tancy_0818 · 3mo ago · 4:11

"…I'm still kind of studying, but now I think I know that I want to study for myself, and I'm going to make sure I do that, and I want to figure that out soon, very soon, because I can't keep on going like this forever. I need to stop at one point and realize what I really do want to do. So I think if I think procrastinating or being lazy, I would be in a worse position.…"


punitha B R

@Pooh · 3mo ago · 0:40

"…Hey, Barbara, I hope you're doing good and coming to you as well. It really makes a lot of sense. And procrastinating something, delay something that's not happening with me right now because my exams are on and I've become so backed up. Like, I'm so see with my schedule and everything's going intact, hoping to be going into that. So, yeah, it is. Well and Yeah.…"

Disha Khandelwal

@dishakhandelwal · 3mo ago · 0:18

"…Hi above. It was an amazing swell. And I think it this well, raises a question in my mind that where would I be if, you know, I have started accepting my laziness or my irresponsible nature.…"


kamakshi kakkar

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"…I think I'm going great with my life also. I'm doing good. Akna Dumbed at Sakurai Kara, I was good in study, I was as a student, I was good in everything. Curricular, activity, activities, academics. Everything was good. And I think I would be there. Only there I am. So. Yeah.…"


Sher Singh

@Theshersingh · 3mo ago · 0:55

"…Hey, wababro good to see here Where would you be? Where would you be? We know that he asked for us Difficult to overcome but we Proc fascinating.…"

Simran Sehrawat

@simrannnn · 3mo ago · 0:45

"…Hi guys. I think this is the case for everyone. Like, we are so lazy. I think what made me lazy was lockdown. Like definitely I think it made us all lazy. I really struggled. It's important and still we are not doing that thing. It's just not right. So I totally relate to Sher cell and it was a great sell.…"


gungun bansal

@gungunbansal_ · 4w ago · 0:40

"…And to be honest, I don't do procrastinating. I never consider myself as lazy. You need rest and you will take risks by the time. So the only thing what I think about is if I put more effort I would be somewhere else. Somewhere more good. That's what I deserve. Thank you so much for coming here. Bye.…"

Where would you be

@vaibhavbehl · 3mo ago · 2:13


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