Urshita Aggarwal
@urshita2072 · 0:49

Felt ashneer grover was way too rude?..My opinion and What is your say in this.✌

There is a saying that often people don't have the skills their passion demands and no one is there to tell them Ashley Rover does that job. And it is very important to have a person like himself in your life who can say the truth to your face

#sayitonswell #sharktankindia

@Swastik_sharma3 · 1:03
But after him, I also love dash meat and also the way he discussed in little sense to every other single person using him the terms to maybe make them understand that this is how your product is and this is what you should do and this is the shortcoming. And for me, he was just the blunt mirror at every entrepreneur needed in the show and I really love the way he goes through with every thing he speaks in the shop tank. And I love the way the whole show event