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bob dennis
@Urbanlegends · 2:59

Watching Sports is good for you!

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It looked at data from a survey of 7209 people, ages 16 to 85 years old living in England. The survey asked participants questions about their lives and their well being and included questions about whether they attended any sporting events. The analysis showed that attending a live sporting event made for higher self reported scores on life satisfaction and lower scores on loneliness

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Edward Oribhabor
@Edcellent · 1:53

Wild Sports Weekend

It's. I'm gonna get my thoughts on this wild sports weekend. To say there's no sporting or entertainment event worth watching. This weekend couldn't be further from the truth. Tonight kicks off with the women's college basketball semifinals. I'm pleased to say that my Final Four was spot on. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be South Carolina. Also taking place Friday evening is some XFL action between Seattle and Arlington, with both teams looking to secure playoff spots
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bob dennis
@Urbanlegends · 0:07
Thanks for the rundown. Couldn't agree with you more. Hey, have a fantastic one
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