One Toke Over the Line & Lawrence Welk

Welcome to Urban Legends and Stranger Things. 1971 was a transitional year in America. Part of the American perceived wholesomeness was a program on television at the time called The Lawrence Welk Show. It featured traditional music from the along with polkas and country, western and spiritual music. But Welk liked to feature new music from time to time on his show, so he approved of a song called One Toke over the Line by Brewer and Shipley. Well, it's a song about marijuana use

A bit of Americana meets modern culture. #marijuana #lawrencewelk #popculture #popmusic #oops.

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Hey, Bob, thanks so much for this swell. I didn't know about that song or the band brewing shipley, and I'm definitely a stoner. So I checked it out and I was looking on YouTube and there was a little scene from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas where they're driving across the desert and Benicio del Toro is singing that song out of tune over the radio. It's pretty cool. So thanks a lot. Bye