David Hochman
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Tips to Avoid Procrastination

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I know that sounds awful, but getting the tough stuff out of the way in the morning and sometimes doing it with a timer running. So if I know I have 48 minutes, something that's not like a round number. It makes it feel real. That helps me get it done. Same with writing. If I know there's something I want to get done, let's say it's a piece of a novel or a story

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Shawn Schepps
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I don't have a procrastination beater, which is really unfortunate, but I love your idea of the timer. That is very cool
Deborah Pardes
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And that imagination helped me sort of feel like there were other people at stake here, other things at stake. Besides just me. In 2003, I wrote a novel, and I didn't procrastinate writing that. I woke up every morning at six and ended at ten. But my procrastination, I think happened when I was done with that and has to do everything else in my life
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Shahnaz Ahmed
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My tool box!

It could be anything that I'm like, you got to do this. So I'll set the timer. But by the time it gets to ten minutes or 15 minutes, well, guess what. You've already built momentum, and it's very hard to crash this engine down once it's already going and it's going and it's like, this timer goes off. You're like, I don't care about this stupid timer. I'm already doing this. Stop disturbing me