Unity Eagle
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Reading a short piece out of a Dutch book especially for @Kevin

I'm gonna read a small piece. A-A-A Dutch book, especially for Kevin. He joined well, because I remember in the old days of engaged one. He loves listening to me when I was reading bedtime stories for my youngest daughter. But in the meantime, she becomes twelve and she does not want to read me anymore. So, Kevin, I am ready. Especially for you. I bye

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Kevin Williams
@Kevin · 1:02


But the act of having someone read to you is just the best. It's absolutely the best. In fact, I'm shocked that you haven't been whisked away by YouTube and aren't like an AMSR Queen or something. Your voice is incredibly soothing, incredibly relaxing, and just so beautiful. Thank you. Thank you so much
Vincent Strader
@Allowistic · 0:16
Boy. Howdy that brings back some memories. Yeah. Seems like just yesterday. Amazing how time flies, isn't it? Thank you. Thank you very much. Bye
Unity Eagle
@UnityEagle · 0:50

You make me blush 😊 @Kevin

Ah, Kevin, you make me blush now. And yes, I totally agree. Reading for your kids definitely is the best because Joanne has a very rich vocabulary test show at school. Yes, it's a great thing reading other ten stories, but of course, I remembered you loving it so much. Maybe I kind of do it more often. And when I record ASMR I will do it on my 3D audio by no Headset. So it gives you a much better experience. But who knows?
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