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Can’t believe it

And there was so many things that Christine and I had just been complaining about that I stuck her into a side room to say, Can you believe this anyway, this is mainly just here to leave a message for Seeking to say, hey, that was wild. As soon as you left, someone came in and was like, I'm traumatized, but I've been talking way too much of this thing, and my bird, Zoe is, oh, no, she's playing that's right

@SeekingPlumb and I went through an intereating rabbit hole about knowlesge, ethics, belief, and how it gets produced and consumed.

Taking out of my a$$. @ukalulu

It's interesting, isn't it, Lulu? I think like witnessing being a part of conversations like that make me go back to the idea of the art of conversation. And I think that when you consider it being an art, there are even more factors to consider when we're looking at clubhouse what it means to be a moderator
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I'm like, yes, you do know, you know, a lot. So for those of you who are listening, who don't know what we're talking about, we are talking about clubhouse. I didn't want to use their name here out of respect, but it's pretty obvious. Yeah. It's a very interesting space. I really enjoyed the room that we created, and I think we had a lovely bunch of people contributing their ideas, and that was just so much fun
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Welcome to Swell!

Well... @ukalulu

And then those things came up in the conversation, and everyone touched on those in different ways. And so I didn't feel like there was any need to repeat any of that. And then at the end, when you asked your question, I couldn't remember what question you asked because I'm easily distracted. And I thought that it was what is your takeaway from this conversation?
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So with the little laughy thing, I'm laughing at myself for being such a Dag. And in that situation, and it hopefully it is now an amusing anecdote. And hopefully it wasn't too disconcerting at the time. You definitely held yourself together. And this is my third time trying to reply here because my brain is so bright

I like that. @ukalulu

You taught me a new word, Lulu. I had not heard of Dag before. It was completely fine. Like I knew I was next in the queue, and I knew, you know, we have some familiarity, so it was possible you might it say something. Not that I knew what you were going to say, but it was all good. I mean, I didn't change my answer. Still saying tasks, but yeah, I like your idea of saying upfront