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Aren’t we all Turtles?

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And according to me, you are that turtles which feels so comfortable with this world that it rarely hides itself and chills. Are you an introvert? Then maybe you are that turtle which is either intimidated by the world and decides to stay inside its comfortable shell. Or that turtle which enjoys time with itself and doesn't need the world to make it happy. What do you think? I would love to hear from all of you

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Tarun Panda
@PandaMic · 0:38
Hey, that's quite an interesting POV on how similar and different humans are from each other and how the human nature in itself has a common ground. It's quite, quite an interesting thought you have. The panda, I believe, that if you have already, if you haven't done it already, you can even elaborate on this and create an entire series or maybe write a story on this, because it could turn out to be pretty well. Right. Thank you
Lost Millennial
@voiceprojekt · 1:13
But as for turtles, I believe there is one thing in common, like the important thing is, apart from the chill, is that they are slow, right? So they believe in living a slow life, like everything around them to experience that. And about humans, I believe that we are living a very fast life. Everything is just so quick around us, like two minute burgers or something like that. So it is very different from that
sukirti chand
@sukirti666 · 0:02