Is this all is this all I have to do? Click the button and start talking. And I have my piece of work that comes right out here. I'm tired and it's late Saturday night. My allergies have been getting to me, or my doctor tells me her allergies I've just been struggling with cough, a little bit of congestion and just a major kind of a terrible hack. There it is, a terrible hacking cough. So what's more to do here?


Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 1:27

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What's up, man? Yep, that's all you do now. You are connected to people all around the country in the world alike, and there's various channels and topics that you can chime in on. Hashtags are cool because they help people find you if you don't post it in a channel. But yeah, it's tough to hear about the allergies