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The Mirror Calendar

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"…The morning humor is the bathroom mirror turns into a calendar telling the whole story of your life.…"

A meme query. https://s.swell.life/SSSBdj5CCc3tSTa #originalcontent #originalconcept #morninghumourseries #comedy #podcast


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"…Hello, Hello, Hello. So there s a mirror and a calendar. And in the morning something dances and tells the story story of your life. It sounds quite interesting. And I am curious to know a little more about exactly what you mean. I it's.…"

A mirror ... a calendar ... & dancing?

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Welcome to Swell!

N of Y

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"…There are two ways to it. One is the ongoing journey of our life. The second option. Underlines the sacred nature of the Morning Mirror. It reflects the inner being, then the outer self. It narrates the whole story in a Flash. The Flash is an atom size body of time, carrying the whole universe of our lives on this planet.…"

N of Y

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"…The funny part of the Morning Mirror is that it presents the upside down version of our life. And it's the only time when we find ourselves in control of the situation, we realize that we are growing at a pace that that matches with the frequency of the things associated with us.…"


The Mirror Calendar

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