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Teresa Rancadore Fernandez
@Trock91 · 1:18

Late diagnosed neurodivergents, how old were you when you got diagnosed?

At the same time, I was a little upset and angry that I spent 30 years being confused as to why I didn't fit in with a lot of social groups and why I just wasn't fitting in with my peers as well as I thought I should have. So I would like to know everyone's input

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@kajia123 · 1:27
But I also don't really know the route to go about getting diagnosed, especially since, yeah, I'm in my thirtys and I don't know if it has affected me, but it certainly has made me think of myself as different or not being able to fit in. So I get what you're saying that I would be a late diagnosed person as well
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@Trock91 Congratulations!!! And welcome!

Sometimes it presents his tears and sometimes it presents his anger and I lash out for the stupidest, smallest things that don't even matter but I knew I was reaching that state of fight or flight my body was vibrating and it's irrational but it's like one thing piles on top of another. On top of another
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Jorie Houlihan
@adhdjorie · 4:14

#adhdmom #adhdwomen

Not because I'm happy they went through that experience, but it tells me I'm not alone and I spent my whole life feeling very alone. And so I'm so happy that you posted about this. And this is a topic I'm very passionate about. I really want to educate parents more on what to look for in ADHD in girls. I know you are ADHD and autism, and there's actually quite a bit of overlap with some of the symptoms
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