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It is a team game that makes it a more enjoyable game. As it teaches play people the importance of sportsmanship, leadership and unity. The history of football can be tapped back to the ancient times of the Greeks. Everyone knows that the Greeks were great sportsmen and have invented many games. Footballs happens to one of them. A similar game like football is played in many countries, but the latest version of football that we knew organized in England. Likewise, England formulated the first rule of the game

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Pradeep Malarvannan
@pradeepmalar · 2:28
Hey Trisita, first of all, that's your video. I mean so many Tuesdays. Well, about football. I didn't know how football originated. So it was very useful to me. And I watched football, cricket. But once in a while I do watch football. The problem is my brother, he doesn't let me watch football because of the ISL Indian because before that I don't think many people were interested in myself
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Subhodip Kar
@Subhodip · 0:04
First of all, thank you for sharing. This is my favorite game
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