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Bernie Goldbach
@topgold · 1:42

Remembering Those Who Have Touched the Face of God

article image placeholderC-141 Starlifter
There are several photos of me with a C 141 on Flickr, the photo sharing site, and the one I want to put at the top of this audio post has the Golden Gate Park in the background and me at the controls as a copilot in the C 141. As we make a turn back to Travis Air Force Base and finish a run that we made over the Presidio in San Francisco in the late seventys

Honoring the fallen

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Paul OMahony
@omaniblog · 0:35
Hey. Thanks, Bernie. I've come over here to see what's going on. And I've just listened to you and it's really good to hear more about your previous life and to hear you remember so fondly, those people, those comrades of yours. Yeah. Thanks a lot. I Bernie. Thanks a lot
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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:08


Oh, Bernie, thank you so much for this moving tribute. And I would just love to hear more about your time at Travis and more about your time as a pilot. How rare is it for me in particular to meet need somebody with your background? My dad worked for the Department of Defense for 43 years in Mama's County, New Jersey, but he was pretty bound to his office. He was a physicist. But I really always enjoyed stories he told
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Richard Roberts
@FiremanRich · 4:32

Always Remembering Those . . . .

Not a flying mission base, but I needed to go visit, visit my sister. That was over in Germany. I didn't need to, but I had vacation time. So I said, what the h***? Go ahead and take a space available out of Peas Air Force Base, which was still an active base back then. And at that air base, I caught a space available, basically a free ride because there's availability. And it was a C 141
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