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Bernie Goldbach
@topgold · 2:34

Do you look up? Way up?

article image placeholderLooking Up at an Irish Chimney
The design writer Alice Twemlow, who is pretty active in the space of visual design and research, suggests that there's a good reason people need to take the queue and look up. And she says, it's true. If you look further up by cranking your head back, you slow down, you stop and you see things you might not have noticed before

You have to stop to really see what's further up beyond your normal gaze.

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Richard Roberts
@FiremanRich · 2:49

Looking Up Up & Beyond . . . .

Every time I get on an audio and start talking, door is right here by my side. But get backtrack on story here. Look up in the sky, see the moon. It's receding. I think that's Waning, you can see Mars, which is right up there. It's at an angle of about I would say anywhere from 80 to 85 off of the horizon. But then I looked off to my left over into the what's that? That would be the east
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Switching up the perspective. 😊

When I was in an international theater company, we traveled to the same places, the same types of buildings, same layout, same structure. And it got to be a bit monotonous. So I would do my very best to find a new vantage point when I first arrived, just to switch things up a bit. And one of my favorite spots that my team member found me. It was her favorite when she found me lying under a Pew
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Bernie Goldbach
@topgold · 0:30

Reading clouds way up there, @FiremanRich

Hey, Rich, I'm hoping to be able to teach Dylan what he can see by looking as far up as he can at the sky and the clouds. Currently, when I'm talking to you in a coffee shop, we're looking as far up as we can M through the windows of the coffee shop. It's clear blue. Overhead, actually, above 25,000ft. There are Wispy Sears clouds, but it'll be a nice day, a swell day, as they say it's
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Bernie Goldbach
@topgold · 1:51

@SeekingPlumb place markers

Christina, if you want to take your Pew experience to another level and you're in bars in places that suffered from high caliber weapons attacks. In Honolulu, there are several okay. Dylan is taking his book bag to and from the car. It's open. See. And as was saying, high caliber weapons Honolulu's one. There are several in Germany where I lived, and it seems these places have barstools or chairs with markings on them underneath
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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Looking up but doesn't seem so. @topgold

So this view is actually me looking straight up at a tree while the winds is blowing the trees horizontally, and it makes it look like the trees are falling down. But they're really not
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