Tony Mosesso
@tonymo · 4:40

Week 6 Survivors: Trap Games and Big Games

Text A and M one final drive kicks, field goal done. Ultimately, Alabama goes to Mississippi State next week where I suspect they will rebound. I don't think this is the game that keeps them out of the couch playoff by any means, but they've certainly eliminated their margin for error. Next up, Iowa versus Penn State. Heck of a football game. Iowa outlast the Nittany Lions at home, 23 to 20. Interestingly, Iowa's schedule going forward
phil spade
@Phil · 3:49

La Tech scares me for UTSA

I don't even see how it's fathomable. So I really think they're in the driver's seat to play the east champion in the Big Ten Championship game. And even if they lose that Big Ten Championship game, if they go in undefeated, they still have a shot to make the College Football playoff. I don't know if they'll take two Big Ten teams, but the way everything else is shaken up, anything is possible here now