Tony Mosesso
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Texas A&M out of the Gator Bowl

They've decided they just don't want to play the game at the extra risk, especially with presumably, they must have a lot of guys that would be theoretically out Wake Forest, I guess, still wants to play the game, but they'd need another team to essentially drop out of another bowl game so that the team they're playing could be freed up to play them. So I don't know how that works with all the scheduling gymnastics
phil spade
@Phil · 2:07
Thank goodness for army because we still have at least one team that is going to play regardless. So I do feel bad for a Wake Forest. They are left without an opponent. And Tony, you're right. The only way that they're actually going to play in this game is if somebody else has a situation just like this and they have an opponent drop out because anybody who didn't make a ball has not been allowed to practice
Tony Mosesso
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Well, little bit of breaking news. Sounds like Rutgers is going to end up getting an invitation to the Gator Bowl to take on Wake Forest. Essentially, what's happening here is they're letting in a five and seven team with the highest Apr academic progress rate. And I'm just a little shocked that they're doing it a week out and letting a team that's essentially gone home reconvene and play the game. But, hey, good for rockers, good for Wake Forest
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Welcome to Swell!

phil spade
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Tony, do you know if there was any rule that was made an exception for here in this case? Because I did not think that you could just cobble a team together after I thought there were certain rules in place by the NCAA that if you did not make a ball, you can't practice. There's no practicing. There's no playing whatsoever. So I don't know if a rule an exception was made in this case, but kind of surprising. Here we go. Greg Shannon team
Tony Mosesso
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So from what I can understand, there is a rule in place, but I guess the board is due to convene to allow Ruckers to practice. Now that they're getting into a bowl game. It was reported that it was more or less a formality, but it obviously to your point, needed to be done. I don't know if I don't know if the team has been together at all or if they all went home and started crushing McDonald's or what have you?