Tony Mosesso
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CFP Rankings Refresher

I laughed out loud at my television when I heard that if only there were a way that we could determine which football team is better than another football team, that would be so convenient. And let's not take away from the fact that while Michigan State won the game against Michigan, Michigan blew it. They had a 16 point lead on the road. They were absolutely throttling Michigan State, and they blew it. That has to account for something as well
Tony Mosesso
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A Cincinnati primer as well

If they lose it, that's going to be an issue for the Big Ten as a whole. That means that the Big Ten is likely not going to have a representative in the playoff. And the other thing that can mess this all up for Cincinnati, even if they get a little bit of chaos in front of them. If Oklahoma wins out, which we've all dogged Oklahoma, I've done it more than anybody, and I've said they're going to lose eventually
phil spade
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Very little logic in Michigan MSU

Now, when I took a look at some of these statistics that ESPN released, they also have something called the Strength of record. And I'll have to look into exactly what this is. But you look at the strength of record and Ohio State is way down there. You know who's ahead of Ohio State by one spot is ATSA Utza is actually ahead of Ohio State
phil spade
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Cincy needs chaos again!

Then I think they would look elsewhere then in the Big Twelve. And you mentioned Oklahoma, I would throw Oklahoma State in there, too. If Oklahoma State could somehow run the table, win the Big Twelve Championship game, they'll take them with one loss based on their remaining games over Cincinnati
Tony Mosesso
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We think this team is better than this team, and it puts us in this position of having to have this argument week after week, where if we're playing games and the games don't mean anything. Like I said, I will bring this up one more time. They said they spoke about Michigan and Michigan State for half an hour and that they looked at stats. I'll give you a stat 37 33 final ten days ago. That's it
Tony Mosesso
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For sure on Okie State - follow up on Oregon

However, I would have agreed with you, except that the committee still does not respect Houston, so I don't know that they'll respect a win against Houston. Ultimately. Now this is all for Naught. If Cincinnati doesn't beat SMU and beat Houston, which is not out of the realm of possibility, but assuming they go undefeated, the other thing that is very curious about this. You brought up the Pac Twelve Championship game. If Oregon has to play Utah twice. What?
phil spade
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The first 2 loss entrant will be from the SEC

I think the SEC is the only conference that will be afforded that luxury, and it will be just the type of situation that you mentioned with an Alabama team losing to Auburn in a couple of weeks. But then coming in and winning the SEC Championship and the committee will say they're the SEC Champions. That's the best conference, and we have to let them in and nobody will bat an eye. I think that will be the time
Tony Mosesso
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New question! These are all just for fun.

Yeah. Just to be clear, Phil, I agree with you wholeheartedly I think that two lost Alabama is absolutely the ice breaker in that regard. I guess maybe my real discussion point, I suppose, is not so much. Does a two loss Oregon get into the playoff? I think we can all objectively agree that that's not going to happen given what we've discussed with Chaos and this that and the other thing. This is how I will frame the question
phil spade
@Phil · 1:37
No, I don't think so. I don't think two lost Oregon team jumped Cincinnati here at the end. And in your scenario, they're going to have to lose one of their regular season games, come back and win the Pack twelve Championship. When you look at their remaining games, the best opponent they have is Utah. A loss to Utah during the regular season. It'd be a lot a lot like a loss to Purdue
phil spade
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@tonymo Scenario and question

Nobody's in their class, nobody's undefeated, nobody's on the table. Nobody's looked as good as they have. And I would argue that for the College football playoff as well, are any of these teams worthy to be in a College football playoff with Georgia? So that's the question in this scenario, would a College football playoff fair to Georgia
Tony Mosesso
@tonymo · 3:20

Go win!

Now go beat them again. It's hard to beat a team twice in College football. It's harder to beat them twice in consecutive games. And I think that if the committee thinks a two loss Alabama team provided the second loss is to Georgia in the title game, is worthy of the playoff without getting into all that because we've already beat that to death
Brady Poppler
@bradypoppler · 1:45
Utsa does sneak in there at 23 to this time, but it's just kind of baffling to me how you have some of these teams who are higher, but what are your guys'thoughts? I know you guys. There's some above me, but what are your guys'thoughts on one through four being what it is in the top three right now? Georgia Bama, Oregon and Cincinnati
Brady Poppler
@bradypoppler · 1:04
I think George is probably going to win the National Championship, but I feel like there could be a team that gives them a little bit of trouble whether it be the National Championship game or it's in the first round, depending on who they play. But I don't feel like we can just Crown Georgia just yet. I have to see how they play against Alabama and the SEC Championship game if family gets there and they play there
phil spade
@Phil · 1:43

Flaws in every system

Brady, that's a fair call out, you know, and I wasn't, you know, making the point that we should just stop and Crown Georgia the champion at that point, you know, but I am asking, you know, is that is that fair? And it's to the point where I almost wish that each year you you could determine what it is that we should do and whether that should be, you know what? Just play your ball game