Tony Mosesso
@tonymo · 2:49

Friday Night Lights: Syracuse vs Clemson

But I think it's going to be closer to them that these two teams, it's an interesting microcosm of the greater College football landscape right now. Clemson on the downswing, Syracuse on a mild upswing. Possibly they're playing a lot better than they have been. Clemson obviously all facets of the game. I don't want to say falling apart, but taking a huge dip this season and a big part of this game is that Clemson is going on the road
phil spade
@Phil · 3:31

This game comes down to the crowd for me

I just don't know he's been rumored around it, and I think this win would go a long way for him to keep his job into next year. And that's what I'm rooting for. I think Dino Baby is a great person. I think he's a great coach. I think he's good for College football, and I want to see him succeed. And if a win against Clemson here can secure that future, I'm definitely rooting for that
phil spade
@Phil · 2:09

Cal oregon...the other Friday night game

This team is not as bad as a one in four record would indicate. I think they actually keep games close. And remember, they beat Oregon last year. Now that was at Cal, but they did beat them, and I think they'll have confidence going into this game against Oregon. But the main reason I like Cal is everybody in the public is lined up on the Oregon side. 13 and a half seems like a trap bet for these Oregon betters
phil spade
@Phil · 4:18

Oregon is NOT the same team and Babers....oh Babers @tonymo

And then in the first half, Clemson's driving down Clemson's about to spike the ball because they're out of timeouts. And before they spike the ball, Syracuse calls a time out. What are you doing? And not to be an armchair coach here. But, man, that was just a very frustrating game to watch. If you're a Syracuse fan or you are rooting for Syracuse, yes, they covered. They should have got the win