Tony Mosesso

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Week 1 Observations, Week 2 Excitement

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"…On a lighter note, Rutgers and Syracuse, which is two teams that I didn't really know what to expect out of them to open the season. I was definitely in a little bit of play against mode. Rutgers looked fantastic now, granted, they didn't play the best team in Temple, but they still looked really good and not what you've been accustomed to in Rutgers football over the last decade or so. Shiano definitely got them on the right path.…"

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phil spade

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"…I don't think that was answered last week. So then looking forward to the Iowa State game, one of the best match ups of the weekend. Absolutely. And I look at the spread. I look at four and a half and I think, wow, wait a minute. Your knee jerk, gut reaction, general public kind of thoughts.…"

Indiana Iowa and Iowa State

phil spade

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"…One of the games you mentioned Oregon and Ohio State another top matchup of the weekend. And, you know, with Washington going to Michigan as well. I really love when the Pac Twelve plays the Big Ten in these preseason games. It's kind of a throwback to when these two competitors conferences used to play each other at the end of the season in the Rose Ball. So I always love to see the Pac Twelve playing the Big Ten.…"

Brady Poppler

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"…I feel like Oregon can upset Ohio State, and I feel like that would be very big for the Pac Twelve. If Oregon can upset a team like Ohio State and Iowa State, I think Iowa might stifle Iowa State on offense and do just enough on offense themselves to win that game. And in doing so, I think Iowa moves into the favorite of the Big Ten West with their win against Indiana, just stifling them and totally shutting them down.…"

Big 10 west winner?

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Tony Mosesso

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"…There's enough opportunity for them to get beat that I'm not willing to say, oh, Iowa is the class of this division. After their performance against Indiana, they looked really good, mainly on defense. They've still got a lot of holes to figure out on offense. Maybe they figure them out. Maybe they don't. But there's a lot of football to be played, hesitant to anoint them at this point, especially with some tough matchups ahead. We'll see how that goes.…"

Not ready to anoint them yet

phil spade

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"…I'm gonna have to agree with Tony as of right now, I still am a little bearish on Iowa. When you take a look at you know how that game was played. Yes, they played a phenomenal defense. The game was kind of handed into them on a couple of plays and kind of change the complexion of the game. I'm still not convinced that their offense is going to be moving the ball.…"

Agreed with Tony on Iowa


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