It's more about who they're influencing and who influenced them. So my question for you is, are any of you in the space of motivational, where you're up on stage and you are inspiring people, reach out, introduce yourself either way, and excited about this new app

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Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:10
I'm positive that they just adore when you come by. Drawing attention to bullying and suicide prevention. Those are two of the most important things I think any educator would say needs to be discussed more with their students. And you being a presence there and talking about important issues, but also bringing a little bit of your talent to the table, I'm very confident that they just love it and love when you're there. So thanks for the fantastic work you're doing
Renee Slay
@Renee_Slay · 1:04


Hey. Hey, it's Renee Slay. Welcome to swell. I think it's great what you're doing. I think you have a beautiful, beautiful subject line, and that's awesome. I am one of the others. I come here just to share stories, share some of my journey, share some of my past traumas through poetry, through conversation, through whatever means, in a way, to aid others who feel like they're alone, I guess