Todd Mitchell
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Share your Swell recording quality secrets!

Alright, here's the topic. I want to know how some of you guys record such Crystal clear, high quality audio on your phones. Let me know about it. Let's come clean about any devices that are plugged in headphones AirPods. I want to hear about it all and what does not work well for you. Let's get to the bottom of the best possible. Best best best recording quality forward know your secrets

Let’s help one another bring our best recording quality forward.

Average Joe
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You can have 64 different sounds on there and then remotely when I'm in the car, when I'm in a lunch break or something. If I swell at that time, I use a Power Delized Lav mic that I got off Amazon that I've had for a while. I think it was like $25, something like that. And it gives a pretty good sound quality, much better than the earbuds and all that kind of stuff with the mics. So that's pretty much it
Todd Mitchell
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Joe, dude, thanks for going into all that. That is elaborate and wild, but yeah, it sounds good. So, I mean, you know what you're doing. So what I'm curious about, in your case, is how do you run the audio from the board back to the phone? That sounds like maybe something other than an iphone. But you tell me I'm curious
Podcast vs Player
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@Todzilla #swellsecrets

Hey, Todd, don't know if I'm one of the people you actually referring to, but what I thought I'd do is share my secret, which is, I'm not using a phone at all. I'm just using an Android Emulator on my PC and then audio wise, I'm just using an Audiotechnica at 2020 microphone, which is plugged into a Beringer, UMC 204 HD audio interface. And then Headphones have just got some Samsung SR 850s, which are just reasonably budget studio headphones
Todd Mitchell
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I'm sure there's a certain desire for people to sort of be on the same level and nobody would be self conscious about their audio. I've just trained myself for almost a decade now to try to put my best sound out there. And I'm standing in my garage so I could do the cursing joke just now. But anyway, thanks, everybody who's sharing this stuff. I knew it, and I'm glad to get to the bottom of it
Podcast vs Player
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I genuinely laughed out loud at the start you reply, but I think I think it's just a natural order for people to want to get other best quality that they can. And for for me personally, the first couple of swells I did were all off my phone, and I was not happy with the quality that was coming out. And I don't have an old phone by any means
Todd Mitchell
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I actually love this bit about the emulator in particular, because whereas I told Joe, oh, that sounds like a lot of work. There's not a lot of work for a podcaster. We're already doing all this stuff. This stuff is already all set up at our desks. So for me to put of an Emulator on is no additional work at all, basically. So I can do post show wrap ups or little previews, little tidbits here and there makes a ton of sense
Podcast vs Player
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I think the simpler solutions are often the best. It is really, really simple to do. I'll do a little hashtag of the name of the Emulator and you can just Google it, see if anything year you might quite like to do might not work for you. You might not get on with it too. Well, it's pretty straightforward stuff. You literally install it, sign in with Google, and then it works just like a phone would. But I yeah, definitely check it out
Average Joe
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I still had to figure things out. And so now that's the thing there. You can also hook in through, like, Bluetooth, but it muddies the sound down, and I don't like that. So I don't try to use that too much with the Roadcaster. I'm going to tag Massive Stack here because he's was asking me last night
Average Joe
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I'm here's a link to the Roadcaster Pro, so you can see exactly what it what it is that I'm using. The one thing I will say about this device. I've had it for a little over a year, I guess. And they've released more multiple firmware upgrades in that time. And each time, it turned the machine into a brand new machine. Like, brand new functionalities just expanded every bit of the machine, how you can set levels and edit things
Deborah Pardes
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IPhone 11 bad bad bad speaker mic situation. But imperfection is perfect ;)

Hey, it's Deborah. Here. I am so happy this thread is happening. I have an iphone that is everything but a phone, and I use it just like I'm using it now, and it is the little insert for so I can't use my I had set, obviously, and the mic in that is horrible. So I'm just speaking into the speakers, and I think that's kind of crackly

So, Debra, I don't know if this is like legit, but I've heard that Bluetooth isn't, like, the strongest way to connect devices. I think plugging it in would be better, but something I was considering doing was buying one of those cute little, like, plug in microphones. You can just plug into your phone. There's some on Amazon. I'll link one that I was looking at sort of cute, but Yeah