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Numbers Are Not Niche

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"…So I've been pondering this theory and this feeling about what it is that I do. I'm a digital marketer for anyone that might not have stumbled upon this broadcast before. I am involved in the process of connecting people and business is two people digitally by influencing and creating content generally for social media SEO website. That kind of stuff. But I am torn with this whole notion.…"

Do we want followers, likes and comments more than we want connection, trust and relationships? WHY?


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2yr ago · 3:13

"…I don't care at all about followers here. It's not the same principle as I carry on Instagram. Instagram is different, but here on Swell, I'm just here to have a good time about the dialogue, the content. That's what's more important to me. The numbers will just happen. So, yeah, those are my thoughts about that.…"

My thoughts


"…So, for instance, if you're giving it to someone who has millions of followers, that's an initial punch into the marketing pool, and then it can still travel that domino effect of word of mouth. That said, if you are trying to market something, I think you can still have that personal touch with a large following. It's just about the specific influencer and how they handle it, right.…"

2 conflicting goals?


Toby Tullis

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"…So yes, as a marketer, I do want it out in front of as many people as possible, but I want to make the interactions genuine. I want to create a scenario and a friendship, trust and relationships. Why gets passed on from generation to generation and just says, hey, listen, just go with these people because they're good. I've already vetted them for you, so on and so forth.…"


"…I look forward to seeing how you go about blurring those lines because we could use more genuine connection in the world.…"

Genuine connection.

Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2yr ago · 2:53

"…I think being a part of discovery is a really great, great way of having people become loyal. When we're told stuff when we're shouted at and told that this soap is really the only soap you should use, I have no participation in the discovery of how great that soap is. So I think part of the social complex we're trying to build here around brands is inclusion of discovery, where people could be a part of the process of falling in love with something.…"

Discovery through engagement = loyalty


Toby Tullis

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"…In hindsight, that makes me laugh even harder. But I think that's the most valid answer. You know that the ROI is greater than anything out there, but you can't possibly prove it that's so much like social media. Granted, data has gotten better and you can show your impressions and all of the warm, fuzzy numbers that people get.…"


Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 2yr ago · 2:41

"…I agree with you. This shouldn't be the main thing because sometimes viewers are like a quantity of love for some people. If you've got a lot of viewers or listeners, then it means you're loved. But do we want to be loved by the masses? Or do we want to be loved by people who we respect and who we trust, trust, trust and relationships? Why totally agree with you? Genuine touch is more important.…"

Jumping in without reference to other previous responses...

Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 2yr ago · 0:22

"…Hello, D. One. Why is Instagram different in your view? I'd be interested to know because you said the important thing here on Soil is to have fun. Isn't it the same on Instagram? That's my question.…"

@Inxj Instgram diferent?


Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 2yr ago · 2:24

"…Either you want numbers to prove your value and some things like connection to people and deep contact if you want are not possible to measure yes, possibly. If you're paid to influence people, then you need to prove your value with numbers. But if you're not in there, possibly numbers are not important and genuine contact is the only important thing. But as Dee once said, I think he says it's a bit of a contradiction anyway, you knew that already. Okay.…"

Tobin: genuine vs proving your ability to inflience by numbers...

Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2yr ago · 3:26

"…So I mean, that's totally up to you. But I was just saying for me personally, I see Swell as a casual thing. It's a casual entryway to use social media where I don't have to worry about marketing my stuff outside of the platform, at least for me, for other people, it could be different. But that's just how I tend to view Swell. It's just something that I use casually.…"

Followers hit different on IG. @dzakyem


Howie Rubin

@Howie · 2yr ago · 1:30

"…Great discussion. And here's my old man two sentence that I would like to add to this numbers matter. I think in the creative world, which I've certainly been a part of in the video games business content is key to anything you do. It's all about the user experience. So from a creative point of view, whatever you're creating has to be of value to the users. It has to be easy to understand. It has to be fun to use.…"


Numbers Are Not Niche

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