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5 Pillars to #GenuinelyConnect as a Business

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"…I hope that you tune in, and I hope more than anything that you join the conversation and let me know what your two cent is on any given particular pillar that we might have and or your own personal experiences with the kind of the internal philosophies that we've got built over here. So looking forward to your input and your feedback and looking forward to letting you guys know a little bit more depth in detail what the pillars stand for and how to properly use them to genuinely connect.…"


Todd Mitchell

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"…Hey, man, Congratulations on this. For real. I love this hustle when everyone's got this downtime, and I mean, thank God those of us who are in good or my son is having a blast right now, those of us who are in good, good health or at least returning health, and we're finding ways to put that time to good use. I love that. So Congrats on this. I will certainly check it out.…"

Good on ya!


Toby Tullis

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"…Todd, thank you very much for your response, brother. I appreciate you and you are preaching to the choir with kids having a good time, especially when recording audio. Got four, eight and under no twins. So thank goodness I have a solo office down the street where it's just me and extremely covered, free and safe and all that good stuff. I will keep your information handy. We might cross paths professionally, which would be fantastic.…"


Deborah Pardes

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"…You hear about courses around deep listening and around diversity of thought, and they remain buzzwords until they're internalized until they're put into not just vocabulary, but into the pathos of how they connect with each other. And I'm just wondering from your perspective, when you have a client who understands intellectually these five pillars and you want to make them all actionable. And I'm sure you do that really well.…"

#Communication #trust love your pillars!

phil spade

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"…And I thought more people would listen to people that had good things to say about you rather than a salesman saying how great we are. And I think I've been correct that we have had a shift and a lot of that. Is there's a lot of people that are in decision making roles aren't in the same company forever, like they have been in the past. So I think that drives up the value of what you're trying to do even more. And that was my question.…"

Love the idea!

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Welcome to Swell!

Toby Tullis

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"…But as I got to get older and realized that a lot of people have a hard time public speaking or speaking in general, that made me realize that I could do it for them. So all I really need to build on from that perspective is what their philosophies are, what their culture is of their company, what it is, what their message is, who their target audience is, who the buyer persona is, and really drill down into what the content might look like.…"



Toby Tullis

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"…And a couple of times I've been met with failure and Ouch that hurts. But nevertheless, the communication process from a generational standpoint is that is somebody else vetting your business and service and then taking that as what we would call in today's era a brand ambassador or a trusted source and handing that connection off to the next person that's just starting the process of looking for that business or service. Hey, I know what you're looking for. I've got a guy. He's awesome.…"



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