Toby Tullis

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The Social Dilemma--A Conversation

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"…I'm a hashtag, genuinely connect platform and I will continue on that path, and even more so if the fuel fires this, but I'll be doing it with eyes a little bit more wide open in the respect of being bombarded with information from the creators of such and understanding that social media is where the internet was not so long ago, where it was kind of the wild wild west.…"


Taylor J

@Taylor · 2yr ago · 2:30

"…I think even just video games, the fact that when I was growing up, if I wanted to play with my kids, my friends, we had to physically be in the same room, playing on the same console. And it just meant that there was more interaction. And now all these kids know is you have to have a live subscription, an Internet connection. And I don't know, that just seems so not human. I don't know if I'm articulating myself.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2yr ago · 3:39

"…So I feel like other social dilemma is the dilemma of what is connection and what are we giving away to be connected in this false paradigm of connection? So I'm sitting squarely in the place right now where I say I am in an interactive moment with you, and I wouldn't call it a social moment, but I call it an interactive moment and it's asynchronous and you're going to reply to me, and that feels really good.…"

How meta is this!!


Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2yr ago · 4:41

"…So I do find myself doing that on here often. So, yeah, it's also interesting how it has changed culture in regards not with politics and all that stuff, but just general day to day stuff. I can remember there was a time where when I was on Facebook, when I started being on there, no one talked about it in public, but I remember slowly you start to hear people say you heard what they said on other wall.…"

Some thoughts for the future.


Toby Tullis

@TobinT · 2yr ago · 1:37

"…The answer lies in strict and enforceable rules of what can and cannot happen, just like they have in the past, with radio, with film, with TV, with press. All of those things were wild Wild West at one point and then regulated. So I have faith in the fact that it's it will come back around full circle, and perhaps our kids will get that sense of adventure again. We'll see.…"


"…I read an article a few days ago that actually talked about instead of the future needing programmers, coders that type of thing that those philosophy degrees that may not have become useful previously may become imperative going forward. And I don't know if this necessarily falls under the category of philosophers, but I think we need people who are futurists considering what could be and anticipating some of that so that we can plan for it, or at least design laws ahead of time regulations ahead of time.…"

Philosophers to become imperative?


Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 2yr ago · 2:46

"…There you are just responding to two aspects of your posts here. I'll listen to the rest and hope this is an interesting conversation. By from Zaki from Switzerland.…"

@TobinT Adventure / Full experience

Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 2yr ago · 3:25

"…Once people are trapped or in a way addicted to a product, then you can start giving them publicities, feeding them with publicities along the way. So that's my take on that. And in a way, yes, you're right. The voice is personal, and we have this idea of being really in touch. It's the same as when you look a person in the eyes. We are so in a way manipulated by our own emotions.…"

@DBPardes "Pure" interface... / Voice = personal, emotional + manipulation?

Dzakye M

@dzakyem · 2yr ago · 3:02

"…And a popular person isn't necessarily the deeper going and founded person, but rather the person who superficially attractively speaks about a topic and then it is successful anyway. Yes. Value doesn't mean popularity, does it? So interesting thoughts. I should I will check your article. Thank you. Greetings from the mountain.…"

@SeekingPlumb "Philosophers".


Toby Tullis

@TobinT · 2yr ago · 2:32

"…I believe that the gaps that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on and so forth have created through lack of genuine connection, being masked as being genuinely connected, which is not necessarily the case. Those holes that have been created from the reality of it's not really genuine, even though they're saying it's genuine. Those holes are being filled with the content that they want to put in. There, the influencers that they want to put in there.…"



"…Well, I don't really know if philosophers in the tech industry are the be all and end all, but I think it couldn't hurt having them in that industry because they may, at other very least cause us to put our foot on the brakes and pause a minute when making something these decisions. And yeah, I don't know. It'll be interesting. Right.…"

I agree, @dzakyem, but I think it's an "and" not an "or" scenario. Maybe?


phil spade

@Phil · 2yr ago · 2:44

"…And if I could be one of the old men in the balcony of the Muppets for a second, I just wasn't a fan of the fictional part of that. I just wanted to stick to the interviews and talking to people. And if that interested you more, I would encourage you to check out the Facebook dilemma. This was Frontline did something that's very similar. And you'll see a lot of the same people interviewed frontline did a two part.…"

Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Indy Rishi Singh

@MysticScientist · 2yr ago · 2:18

"…The people who run them need to connect to some sort of spirituality, some sort of understanding that everything is connected and that's like a physics thing. It's not even like a, quote, unquote spiritual voodoo thing.…"


Toby Tullis

@TobinT · 2yr ago · 1:02

"…Why wouldn't it serve the masses even greater? But it just seems like such an easy target, like they would just be shunned out of the room, get the hippie out of here. The businessmen are talking. I hope I'm wrong, but I do love the way that this conversation has gone, and I also like it with a sprinkling of the thanks to the swell community for being here and having the conversation.…"


Sue Unknown

@Suzysdump · 2yr ago · 4:45

"…My kids really aren't on Facebook because that's for old people. They're on Instagram. They're mostly on Snapchat, and my 17 year old does a lot. A lot of her conversation is on Snapchat with her friends versus texting or whatever. They don't really use Twitter. So I just find the whole conversation interesting. And as a parent, it's tough because the Internet was unknown.…"


Sue Unknown

@Suzysdump · 2yr ago · 0:23

"…I just listened to what I posted and I say the word way too much. I need to learn new word fillers. It just doesn't sound very good. I think I sound like a a Valley girl or something. I almost said I'm there apologizing. Bye.…"


Average Joe

@AverageJoe · 2yr ago · 0:43

"…And now I say, I know I do that a lot. So I just did it there. It just happens. You just have to get used to not going to figure it out, but we all do it.…"


"…Not to hijack this thread or anything, but I couldn't agree more with Jeff. We've all been there. It's this ongoing process of learning. You know, what works in audio and what doesn't when I haven't been doing audio in a while, I have a tendency of certain things research surfacing like an extra Annunciation of my T's and my s, which ends up being extremely obnoxious to listen to, at least from my ear.…"

The practice of audio. 😆 @Suzysdump @AverageJoe


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