Hello, folks. And welcome to The Lone Gunman Podcast. Question of the Week. This week, I have a couple of questions for you. Number one, do you believe, if you believe in a conspiracy, did it originate out of New Orleans or Dallas? And who do you think was involved in this conspiracy? And Secondly, I'm wondering if you think or believe for whatever reason that Oswald was an agent of some kind or informant. Let me know your thoughts

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Joshua Cawley
@AM-SHART · 1:15

New Orleans or Dallas? Was LHO working for the Feds?

He did talk to a lot of FBI, especially after his shenanigans on Canal Street. Yeah. I think he was in for it. Maybe customs, CIA. I don't know. Atf he could have been part of a gun running sting. There's a lot of things involved. I don't know. But, yeah, I think he was earning some money selling information. Thank you. I'm
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Caroline Chiasson
@MissCarolineC · 0:12

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I agree completely with Am shart. Or Am shart. Yes. All of the things that he said is exactly what I was going to say
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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Jason Seelmann
@Jason_E · 1:12

FBI CIA & 3 shrlls

Why would anyone Oswald included bother cycling the weapon after the third and failed shot, which they would have to do for the third casing to be ejected and land on the floor. I used find that strange. You get your kill shot and then you cycle the weapon. Very strange
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A. C.
@A.C. · 3:15

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The saying or feeling once you live in the spook life where you ever truly out and I think something that would lend credence to him being an agent of some type was with Deputy Roger Craig up in there while Oswald was being interviewed by the Dallas police. And Roger Craig saying that Lee Harvey Allswell stated that now everyone is going to know who I am and Roger Craig, he said it wasn't in a bragging sense. It was more like a disappointment that he'd blown his cover or something
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