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Random thoughts and observations from my dark and confused mind. Don’t be afraid, probably just as dark and confused as yours. 😉

Heather Reynolds
@HeatherR · 4:01

Scared to Death or Bored to Tears

Whether you believe in ghosts or not is irrelevant. This place is actually haunted. It really is. So what would I do? Honestly? I think if I had to choose one and I had no choice, I had to choose one, I think I would pick being bored at a coffee shop for 2 hours talking about taxidermy. I have been to haunted houses. Well, not real haunted like the fake ones where they dress up and all of that

Halloween is coming. Would you rather be scared to death or bored to tears? #ghosts

Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 2:03
Well, Heather, I am the ghost of Swell and I tend to haunt post. And I think you said this is your first post, so that's quite a post to haunt. If not, then disregard my whole business. It because it makes no sense. Now you see, for me the fear is not the haunted house, it's the small talk. Especially in a coffee place. Drinking coffee. Yuck. And what would be torturous for me to talk about for 2 hours?
Trevor Hammack
@tjh · 4:53


Because then my goal was I've got 24 hours to take this boring person and turn them into someone interesting, someone exciting. There's got to be hiding inside. Every boring person has to be an excited person just waiting to come out. They're just there in hiding. They don't know they're in there, but they're like, no, stop talking. I need to find that interesting person in you because everything you're saying is boring. Just work with me here
Heather Reynolds
@HeatherR · 1:02


Or was it morning motivation? Or something along those lines? So that's really interesting. I'm curious to see if everybody is just kind of like, you know what? Let's just get this thing over with. Also, I'm sorry that I picked a coffee shop. Perhaps that harmed your view of this whole thing, because I could do a coffee shop. I would love coffee shop. That's, like, where I want to be anytime
Heather Reynolds
@HeatherR · 1:09


Trevor. How did I how did I not know that you would not follow the assignment to a T? Listen, OK, first of all, I disagree with you. I think there are boring topics. Oh, no. First of all, I think you missed it. You have to be with this person in a coffee shop for 2 hours every day for an entire year talking about the same topic. Now, this is not just a one day event
Trevor Hammack
@tjh · 4:31

@HeatherR Creative Genius

Creative genius is never appreciated during its lifetime. So right now, no one's going to appreciate my creative genius that was just on display. Now when the history books are written 2034, already 50 years from now, they're going to look back and go, wow, that guy on swell. That was a creative genius that was never appreciated during his lifetime. Let's write a chapter about him
So that said, I do think that lively conversations or topics rather can be turned, quote unquote, boring. But the reason I would want to avoid both of these scenarios is for many reasons, but a lot of it is sensory related. I already jump when like a horn honking or a door slammed or something like this
Trevor Hammack
@tjh · 5:00

@SeekingPlumb Amazing questions

Are they a PISCES? Are they a Leo? Are they an aries? Because that's always fascinating to go. Do they follow that basic structure? Because I've studied that as well. I'm always interested in studying everything. So do they follow this pattern? Why?
Heather Reynolds
@HeatherR · 1:26


Those are some really interesting observations and interesting that you point out, like the sensory stuff on your behalf. You know, it's interesting how much of the coffee shop has kind of played into this decision for two of you, thank you so much for your insight. And also, yes, 700 hours or plus with the same person. I like how you guys are kind of like, maybe we could make this more interesting somehow if we could mold or meld the conversation


But of course I didn't include that wording. And I love the way that you answer these questions because this is exactly the way that I approach these sorts of scenarios where the topic material in that moment might be quote unquote, boring, but there is so much more to dig into


I think this is why I really appreciate social audio so much, is that it strips away the visual data that's coming in. And I can control, to some extent, my auditory data from my environment. I can put on my noise canceling headphones and tune out some of that, and hopefully that when others are recording, they're not doing it in super noisy spaces or with lots of overlapping sounds. So there are certain things I can do in social audio that I can't necessarily do
Heather Reynolds
@HeatherR · 0:43


No, you definitely did not give too much information. That was really interesting to listen to and to, like, hear a different almost like a different scenario than what I ever could have pictured or had in mind. When I and I created the scenario, it was like, wow, so interesting how a different person can have how different people can have just different ideas of how that looks
Zara Lisbon
@ZLisbon · 2:47
And really not a lot is worse than that feeling. I do not like being scared. Believe me, I do not like it at all. But 24 hours, you get it over with or you die or it kills you. But at least you don't have to experience an entire year. That's why the idea of going to jail really scares me. I don't do illegal stuff, but that's besides the point. You can end up in jail without having done anything illegal
Heather Reynolds
@HeatherR · 1:05


Maybe I don't even have a coffee in this scenario, and suddenly that option becomes worse. So I'm, like, potentially I set myself up to cheat the system and actually kind of enjoy one of the options. And then also the idea of being in jail for a year, maybe not even having any books to read, like literally just staring at a ceiling or a wall. I may have to rethink my choice that I picked, if I'm, like, truly bold
Georgie Dee
@GeorgieDee · 1:05

@HeatherR Ghostbuster

And I'm not a particular fan of the blood dripping down the wall, but that would be far more interesting, my friend, than a boring day. I choose amateurville holler holla ghosts. I choose a shiny. I choose poltergeist. I choose it all. Take me there. It's an adventure. And you know what? If I don't make it out there, I've had a good run of it in this lifetime. Ghostbusters
Eric Owens
@EricG · 2:02


If the subject of the conversation is these are the only two choices that I have, then I would choose being scared to death over being bored. So it just depends on the scenario, I suppose. If it were, hey, the scared of the choice. The only choice you have is you have to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with a parachute. Okay, fine. The worst part is getting out the door. After that, you're fine
Heather Reynolds
@HeatherR · 0:45


I don't even know the last time I've watched a scary movie. I think I was just like, you know what? I am over this being scared thing. But I don't know. I'm feeling reinspired. I may have to get out something very scary
@WarPig73 · 2:31
Not at one time, of course, of just pure adrenaline, but the rest of the time, you're on a heightened state of when is it going to happen, when am I going to get hit, or when am I going to get hit? And I can't imagine being in a haunted mansion for 24 hours. Something to the effect of your words, not mine, amityville horror types. We're talking about demonic poltergeist actions going on inside the structure
Eluchianna Olive
@Luchianna · 4:27
Just do something I don't even want to talk about and say what people should do when you're bored. Because this is supposed to be funny, this is supposed to be light hearted and I want to keep it that way. But being bored can bring out some humorous situation. What people would do to stay focused, engaged. But yeah, that's my thoughts