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Trevor Hammack
@tjh · 4:56

Couch Guy and Parasocial Relationships

The people have analyzed this video literally frame by frame. Some will say, Well, she had her arm maybe around him. Others say she was sitting very close to him. And as soon as the girlfriend comes walking in, he doesn't immediately stand up. He just kind of sits there, and the girl next to him tries to kind of move over a little bit. See, even I'm trying to analyze it, but I'm trying to explain to you the controversy

#TikTok #Viral. Everyone is talking about the TikTok video that has been viewed over 60 Million times

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Taylor J
@Taylor · 2:06
I invited Dominique to talk about this because I'm curious to hear what she has to say. She's very dialed into different viral things that are happening on the internet. I wonder if she's read a bit more because from the looks of it, there have been hundreds of articles written about this already. I'm just the tip of the iceberg anyways, thanks for sharing. This was very strange
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Sontaia Briggs
@PKBriggs · 2:08

😯 wow.

And now they're going to try to turn that into an algorithm for themselves or marketing strategy to become famous or something. People just want to be seen. I think it fundamentally just comes down to that. And now we live in a world where everyone can be seen
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Trevor Hammack
@tjh · 4:23

@Taylor Parasocial relationship

We can watch everything, hear about anything, and we are encouraged to offer our opinion if it's on a Facebook post. If it's on Twitter, on a tweet on Twitter, it doesn't matter where it is. We have the ability to hit that reply. And so, hey, look at this. There's a TikTok video about this relationship that may be getting ready to implode. Let's discuss it. Let's talk about it
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