Tim Ereneta

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June is Audio Month: #AudioMo

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"…Hello, densens of swell. Consider this challenge. Could you find a way to post a piece of audio every day for 30 days in the month of June. June is Audio month, and this is not my idea. Hashtag Audiomo started in 2010, long before there was a swell, long before there was many of these social audio apps out there currently in the App Store and Google Play Store.…"

Who’s up for a challenge? 30 days of posting audio! #audiomo #socialaudio  https://audiomo.tumblr.com/


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 1yr ago · 0:55

"…And there's so many things to listen to and capture and share and just keep our ears open and our hearts open, and I'm down with it. So thank you. And I look forward to seeing what you post every day to keep us listening and hearing. And I don't know, just whatever sound does to us. It's such a powerful sense right now. I'm sitting in my office at my house, and there's lawnmower next door.…"



Barbara KB

@barbarakb · 4mo ago · 0:56

"…I'm doing other audio Mo. Tim, I'm doing the audio Mo. I'm over at Twitter doing the audio Mo. I'm gonna use voice tweets. Might do some things on Instagram. Might even do a few things at Facebook. I just don't come in here, nor do I go to Lima anymore. And that other one, that sound wave thing. I'm all about being out there in the open with stuff. I love it in here.…"

@Tim time for #audiomo 2022? you betcha!

Tim Ereneta

@Tim · 4mo ago · 0:59

"…I don't think it would be more fun on Swell if more people pay attention, if it was more of a community, more of a group project, and I don't have the energy or time to make that happen overnight. But yeah, let's do it. Let's make audio mode happen. I'm thinking Twitter.…"


Barbara KB

@barbarakb · 4mo ago · 2:01

"…But at the same time, swell is great. I love swell. I just love to come in here and listen to different things. What's really become fun for me is some sort of news event will happen or something will go on. And it's sort of nice to come in here, just click on a swell and you can hear four or five people comment, which is really so much easier to listen to. Lemur used to be that way, but not anymore.…"



Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 4mo ago · 1:24

"…I appreciate this conversation and you reinvigorating it this year, so let's do it. I'll find you guys on Twitter as well.…"

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Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami · 4mo ago · 4:48

"…And then now I dropped Facebook. During the pandemic. I went back to Twitter because of the activism, because of the voices and the information. And things were moving so quickly and early on, the pandemic, it was actually a great source of information and people sharing their anecdotes and personal stories. But now it's my feed that Twitter feeds me the latest.…"

@Tim #audiomo #twitter #activism

June is Audio Month: #AudioMo

@Tim · 1yr ago · 2:16


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