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Kadyr and His Fortune - a Kazakh tale - 1/3


"…You have meat on your table. I have stale bread. You have a beautiful wife meat the girls won't even talk to. And the elders of our village respect you. But in our village, even the children make fun of me. Well, Kadir's brother said, look, brother, I work hard. And so my fortune works hard for me. You, on the other hand, are lazy and foolish and good for nothing. And so your fortune isn't going to work for you.…"

One of my callings: sharing the oral tradition. #folktales #Kazakhstan #storytelling ATU 460A


Tim Ereneta

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"…Your Excellency, I do have advice for you. The reason you are so sad, despite the fact you live in a Golden Palace, command the army, and rule over a vast land is that everyone calls you a great man. But in truth, you are not a great man. You are a woman. And the only way for you to know happiness is to stop living your life and to live as you truly are.…"

Kadyr’s Fortune - 2/3

Tim Ereneta

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"…By this time Cadier had been walking for a long, long time, and his boots were wearing thin. He could feel every pebble on the road, and his feet were getting weary. He stopped to rest upon a Boulder, and as he sat there from around the Boulder came the Lion, Kadir, have you brought me medicine or advice? Oh, Lion, I have no medicine for you, but advice. Yes, indeed.…"

Kadyr’s Fortune - 3/3


LuLu Island

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"…And I think it does take that final step of the journey of coming home and recognizing that you've been through all of these experiences and where the silver linings are and stuff that really helps you to settle in and appreciate everything more learning through adversity and all those kinds of things. It's a great story. Thank you, Tim. I appreciate you sharing it. And I just love your work.…"


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