Tim Ereneta

@Tim·2yr ago·3:15

Who could capture your essence in the movie based on your life?

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"…When I was a younger person, I really enjoyed the discussion topic. Hey, who do you think your celebrity lookalike is? And while it's a fun game for me to play, I've been realizing upon reflection recently that it's not a particularly inclusive and welcoming game.…"

They don’t have to look anything like you


Tim Ereneta

@Tim · 2yr ago · 2:05

"…Wow. This is harder than I thought. I thought I had an answer to this question. To my own question. For years, I wanted Sharuk Khan, the Bollywood actor, to play me in the movie of my life story. But in truth, that to because he would make my life much cooler than it actually is. So that's just wish fulfillment, because my life is totally not shrukhan vehicle. It's more something that Michael Sarah could play in his sleep.…"

This is harder than I thought...

Neal Damiano

@NealD · 2yr ago · 1:35

"…I go to comics stores, still comic book stores. If I could find them, he just totally embodies that kind of essence of my spirit. And he's not a hugely popular actor. He's rather coldish. And that's why I think he would definitely be able to pull off my life if it was made into a film.…"


Sudha Varadarajan

@sudha · 2yr ago · 1:06

"…Tim, this is an extremely thought provoking question. So since you said that I should go out of my biases, including gender bias, I will say that in order to capture my essence, you have to find somebody who's extremely comfortable being who they are, who is very comfortable in their own skin and who has no hang up about most things and who is very simple. So my gut tells me that I can think of two actors.…"


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