I've got a little challenge. If you'd like to play Ding Ding Dong or the Wedding bells would you sing a song on Saturday? Ding Ding Dong Dongo the wedding bells you can use the hashtag if you choose Ding Ding Dongo the wedding bells but just sing something


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Georgie Dee
@GeorgieDee · 2:42

#singsongsaturday @UnityEagle

Oh, my gosh, Tim. I'm so happy you've started this man. Well done. And I think I'm pleased that I might be the first one to visit your invitation. This is a new version. Forgive me if my timing goes. Arrived. I think you know this classic summer, Tim. And a living your dead is Rayga. And your Morris got lucky. So wash a little baby. Don't you cry, my neighbor. Nothing can harm you
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Ray Garraud
@RunCoachRay · 1:13

#singsongsaturday @dzakyem

Hello, Tim. Thanks for bringing Sing Song Saturday into the mix here on Swell. I kind of missed it. And Interestingly, while listening to you sing your song, it reminded me of a little song that I learned when I was just five years old. Yes, just five years old. And I never forgot it. It's called Frere Jacques. It's a French song, and I'm sure Zackie is listening. Zackie might know it as well and translated. Frozen means Brother Jack
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Unity Eagle
@UnityEagle · 0:43

Vader Jacob #dutch version of @Rayga song Warning ⚠️ #SingSongSaturday

Hey, Ray, that's funny. I know that song, but then in Dutch, but it's called Father Jacob. And it's about other Jacob. Are you still sleeping while all the bells are ringing? So let me try to sing it but I warn you, I will be not hold accountable for any ear damage. Slap ya, slap ya I look like a load
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Abraham Martinez
@AbeMartinez · 1:29

#SingSongSaturday #returns

Life had changed just begun but now I've gone and thrown it all away Mama didn't mean to make it cry if I'm not back again it's time tomorrow carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters it's too late My time has come Send shivers down my spine Body taking all the time goodbye, everybody I've got to go got to leave you all behind and face the truth I don't want to Dee I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all
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Simon Brooks
@smbrooks · 0:36
Tim, thanks for doing this. And I can't remember the name of the lady that started this off. That was pretty impressive. That set the path pretty high. Anyway, I can't like the Frere Jacques song, but this is how I remember it from school when I was a kid and wasn't very good. Still very good at this kind of stuff. Frerer Dorme eating Samueline
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Ray Renati
@RayRenati · 4:24

#SingSongSaturday #TheSoggyBottomBoys

Tim, this is so great. Sing song. Saturday is back on this new app. How fun. And this thing is fast. I love it. All right, my turn. Get ready. Put on your dancing shade and do some square dancing, folks. That's why we're all here painting 43216 long years. I've been in trouble. No pleasure. I see you dancing. Feel my whole true lover. I never expect to see you again. I'm at Northern Railroad
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Cherise Taylor
@MsCherise · 1:47

@Tim Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this Swell Saturday!

Wow. Tim, this is awesome. It's Cherise. Thank you for hosting this. Starting this. It is wonderful. I know that you and Abe, I had this going on anchor for so very long and it's a pleasure to participate. Today, I will sing a brief snippet a song snippet as I like to call them of Mariah Carey's. Can't let go, here we go. There you are holding her head. I am lost, Cherise. You right
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Ray Renati
@RayRenati · 0:21
Oh, my God, Sharise, you are amazing. So amazing. So amazing. Will you please go on the road road? Make some Yose Act for the world they need you, baby
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@GameJumperX · 2:22

#SingSongSaturday Original comedy song I wrote

I want to ride a corny love song about food I want it to be so cheesy no one approves I love tacos. I love pizza. I love all that cheesy fruit. I love corn Todd dipping in mustard. Dude, I love ice cream. How about you? I want to ride a corner song about food I want it to be so so cheesy no one approved. Okay, that's all the lyrics I got. Look forward to hearing more songs by
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Georgie Dee
@GeorgieDee · 0:17
Hey, everyone, how you doing? Hope you can hear me. I'm at the beach and it's very windy. Hey, welcome back to the audio space. Yes, we're back. The whole crew is back. Yes, we're renting. Watch out. We're going to get down, okay. The ocean has gone to my head
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LuLu Island
@ukalulu · 1:32
I learnt this song too when I was a child. I don't remember whether it was school or my grandfather, but yeah, my French pronunciation is not quite as good. So forgive it for those because of you who speak French. But I'm so pretentious with trying to put the a*** and I'm not even going to. And then we'd sing an English version. Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping? Other John brother John. Morning bells are ringing?
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