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Podcast Recommendation: The Fitzroy Diaries

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"…And here's Clarke's brilliant adaptation or switch up on this in this audio fiction, her narrator not only grapples with the inconveniences of modern life and the strange habits and relationships with her neighbors, but it also allows her to focus on the things that give her joy. That is so rare in any kind of audio storytelling to focus on the things that bring to light and especially in these times of lockdown. When we're out of our normal social interactions and many of us are stuck at home.…"

A smartly realized place-based audio love letter to a neighborhood #AudioDramaSunday #AudioDrama #Fitzroy #fiction #podcasting #FavoritePodcasts


Chris Pilgrim

@PilgrimChris · 1yr ago · 0:29

"…Thanks for sharing, Tim. I've out added The Fitzroy Diaries to my podcast feed, and tomorrow I'll have a few hours at work work where I'm able to listen so hopefully I can start on Series One and work my way up to date. Sounds interesting. And I thank you for the recommendation.…"


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 1yr ago · 0:10

"…Hey, Tim, thanks so much for this. This is so cool. I'm so excited. The next drive I have, I'm going to listen to these. And it's just great to hear your recommendation here.…"



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Welcome to Swell!

Dewuan .

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"…I think some of them have even got turned to films. So obviously there's a means for entertainment there, but it also requires a certain level of sensory that so many people are just so accustomed to having via a screen a black screen, I guess, in the sense this is a black screen as well, but just some images accompanying what it is that they are visualizing. It's a very weird thing to listen to something. It's very old school in a weird way.…"

Immersion via listening.


Bowie Rowan

@bowie · 1yr ago · 1:08

"…And like you said, I'm really looking forward to checking this out. An audio fiction that I listened to in the last couple of years that I loved, that is definitely more slice of life. It sounds a little bit like Fitzroy Diaries and that there isn't any scifi elements or anything like that. It's called Moonface, so I'm going to link it here if you haven't heard of it. I've loved it a lot. I love the production.…"



Amara Vergara Agyakwa

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"…This was really big on social medias. I just remember seeing this image and people saying, oh, my goodness. She came out with a new song or a new album or a new song, I think. But I do remember how much so many people liked her song, Royals or Royal. I think it's to Royals a while ago and how popular it was. So it's nice to see that people are still posting, I know are still making new songs.…"


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