I think when you're the oldest person in the room, you have a moment where you think to yourself, am I in the right place? Did I do something wrong in life? How do they get to where I am so fast? And self doubt can creep in. I think the most important thing we can do is just to embrace it. Yeah, you're the only person in the room. So what? Who cares?

#livelife #beingdifferent #vulnerability

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:55

Thank you🙌❤️

And it just reminds me that we need to support each other, bring each other's and language around it and know that my dad always said the opposite of getting older is pretty sad because it means you're not around. So let's all get older. What a blessing. It's
Tony De Mille
@yourdadspodcast · 1:34
There's one other guy that's my age. Everyone else is at least ten to 15 years younger. But we all get along. We all learn from each other, we all talk, we have discussions, we just carry on. We don't worry about age. It's a mentality, I guess. Just do what you're going to do. Don't worry about how. If you're too old to do something or not old enough to do something, unless it's drinking
Swell Team
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Aayan Banerjee
@BasTalk · 3:34
And for those who don't, and I'm absolutely fine with that as well, I mean, there are lots of people who disagree and part of the maturity is that we can always agree to disagree and then move on, not fret about it. And likewise, I look forward to my seniors. When I interact with them, I don't think they're old at all. I think they are that much more wiser and more experienced and have that much more exposure
Elijah Harris
@EasySpeaks · 2:57
It's an opportunity for you to be a leader because you're bringing a different perspective and just life experience and that comes along with age and wisdom and just things that younger people just don't have because they don't have the experience typically. So you have the opportunity to be a leader, but you also have the opportunity to learn, right?
Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 3:40


But yeah, my gray whiskers are prominently shown throughout my beard now and my hair, and it, too, is receding and all that fun stuff, unfortunately, in American culture, is something that is very like, hush. It's like you just kind of go about ignoring it
Brigitte Jenkins
@Just_beingB · 0:34
Oh, my God. I have to go back to work. I couldn't even finish listening, but so far oh, my God. Your voice is so soothing. That is for starters. And I have a feeling I am going to love your content. I'm new to this, so trying to get my feet wet into it, but so far, so good. So, yeah, I'm definitely going to be listening. Good day. Bye
Ray Garraud
@RunCoachRay · 1:30
Hi. Interesting topic. I don't approach life in terms of chronological age, but that's just me. Instead, I approach it in terms of energy. The energy and enthusiasm that I bring into a room. To give you an example, if I meet someone new, I wouldn't walk up to them and say, hi, my name is Ray, I'm 55 years old. Nice to meet you. Of course not. That wouldn't work out too well
J.L. Beasley
@Her_Sisu · 3:04
What I said was that I'm accustomed to being the something in the room. I've been in middle management for over 15 years, and for the past 15 years, I was the minority in the room, the only black person in the room. So I've done that forever
Demarkis Klan Destine
@OmegaStrange · 2:50
I want to get older until I'm, like, I don't know, maybe 150. Then I could tap out, but if not at least 80s, if I can live up until I'm, like, 80, 90 or something, I'll be satisfied. I'll be good. That would be interesting, because if you're, like, in your 80s or 90s, it's most likely you are the oldest person in the room