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My first swell

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"…Hi, I'm Richard and I run the Veg Grower Pod Cast, which is a podcast dedicated to growing food, vegetables, chickens, that sort of thing in our back gardens and our allotments looking to try and get more and more voices on the podcast. So moving forward, I'm looking forward to hearing from people who also grow their own fruit and vegetables, herbs and sharing some tips.…"

Thought I’ll test this out #myfirstswell

Mark Francis Rahaman

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"…How's it going, Richard? I just wanted to say Hello, man. The only interesting vegetables I've got is eating them. I don't grow them, but I wanted to comment as I listen to podcasts all the time and all different types of podcast. And I like voice apps like this, and I think this is great. I think this is a good platform. For instance, I have two podcasts. One is I use Anchor to put it out.…"

I think it's a great idea

"…And this, I think, is going to be a really great dimension grower podcast called I'll be quite happy to go check them out if you let me know what they are.…"

Mark Francis Rahaman

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"…But people on the platform are and as the platform grows, then great, even better. But I'll put a link to my swell cast here, and then I'll put a link to my other cast as well. Slightly grower podcast. It's not that much longer, but five minutes. So I go with my podcast. Unless I'm interviewing someone, I put them here. There's.…"

Mark Francis Rahaman

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"…This is a link to my latest anchor podcast.…"

Mark Francis Rahaman

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"…And this is the link to my Tips podcast, which I've just switched to Swell for the last two tips.…"

My first swell

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