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Vo Ek Aurat Hai

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Hello, everyone. So now I wanted to recite one of my poetry that I wrote a few days ago. So this particular poetry talks about, you know, what a woman goes through in her life. In a way, it was meant for us to understand the pains of the daily life issues. There's a lot of stuff going on around that. There's pseudo feminism going on and there's just fake allegations and everything

I just wrote this poem a few days ago. #sayitonswell

simran arora
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It was an amazing poem. I really love like how you write your poems and how you start with them. I really hope I can listen more to them. Thank you
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Hi, Erin. First of all, your name is literally a fabulous and it was like you tell so deeply about a woman in which everyone wants to here. And it's a whole combination of power that's a woman. And we should all respect a woman and Chabad
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