Deepali Parmar

@TheCreativeCure·3mo ago·5:00

Gratitude as your Super Power


"…Hello. Namaste. I am a big one on gratitude. I love the power, the energy, the relaxation, the joy that after gratitude practices boring it, it brings something amazing alive in my life, in my health, in my well being, in my relationships. So I just love gratitude. It's an intelligence. It changes the brain into the middle neutral ground. It uses the whole being intelligence.…"

Why? How? Gratitude is a game changer. #gratitude #wholenbeing #intelligence


Ty Dobbs

@dobbsty · 3mo ago · 1:10

"…And I think a lot of people don't quite understand how easy it is to shift the energy of a situation. But the first step is the awareness that the energy needs shifting, as you said. And from there, cultivating that awareness is key. Once you can cultivate that awareness, you can begin implementing change. And if you're getting good at implementing change, then you can help others do the same.…"

Deepali Parmar

@TheCreativeCure · 3mo ago · 2:48

"…Hello, dog style. What an interesting name that is. Wow. Thank you for replying to my first swell. I was very excited to find that, oh, I can do this now. I can actually talk to people, people all over the world and hear them in this moment here and now, alive. So this is wonderful. And yes, I'm also doubly celebrating that you find resonance in my sharing that gratitude is a game changer.…"



Ty Dobbs

@dobbsty · 3mo ago · 3:20

"…So two other authors, Esther and Jerry Hicks, write a book that channels Abraham Hicks, and I feel like you would really get a lot of information out of it if you haven't already. It's a lot of information just throughout there, but really, if you just want to look up Abraham Hicks, that'll be the best way. There are lots of books that Abraham Hicks has wrote, I guess is the word you could use to describe it.…"

Divya Bhatia

@Anastasia_9 · 3mo ago · 0:27

"…Hey, Deepali. So amazing. Swell. I just loved your swell. It was so good. And as you said, that we should always express our gratitude for everything we have. Not just random things. Like if you are in a sudden situation and we are feeling grateful, we should show gratitude. Like, thank you for giving us this. Thank you for everything. I would say that your swim was great. I just loved it.…"


Deepali Parmar

@TheCreativeCure · 3mo ago · 5:00

"…And that creates such a sense of presence that you're able to just be present to whatever is alive in you, whatever is alive in others around you, and let it be. There's nothing to correct, there's nothing to change, there's nothing to avoid. It's just meeting it and saying, hey, I see why you're upset, and I accept that and allow that and it's all right.…"

@dobbsty #selfempathy #NVC #selfcompassion

Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Deepali Parmar

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"…That's it for now. I hope you're doing well. Lots of love. Bye.…"



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