Deepali Parmar

@TheCreativeCure·3mo ago·4:50

The Power of Pause

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"…But to a visible eye, they don't appear to be. They seem to be slow, very slow. So resting doesn't mean you are going to be slow and everything's going to be boring. And now you'll have to speed up and do things, complete things faster. If you take a moment's rest in fact, it allows you to recharge yourself.…"

Should we rest? Be mindful? What does stillness look like to you? Lets explore in todats swell and try out this new approach. Cheers! #pause #herennow


Ty Dobbs

@dobbsty · 3mo ago · 0:56

"…So soothing, so great to stumble upon another one of your swells here. Couple of days behind, but I got to say yes to all of it, so thanks for being here and sharing that voice. I felt called to kind of come outside and sit and listen to some swells this morning as of my moment of pause, and that is now shifting into an intentional meditation, something that I used to do regularly haven't done in a while.…"

The Power of Pause

@TheCreativeCure · 3mo ago · 4:50


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