The Fallout

These kids are struggling with why am I survived? Why did they die? Why did they do it? Why was it in our school hall? How do we move on? I highly recommend it it's a good must watch the fallout but be prepared. It's a heavy movie it's a heavy movie for sure

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:55


And it's just interesting to reflect on the choices they make, to kind of airbrush that kind of two women on a pillow thing, which sends out all kinds of messages that are sort of the antithesis of what you're discussing, which is a show that really goes into the depth of people's hearts and souls and not about two pretty girls on a pillow. So I think it's always interesting to watch how people decide to amplify the brand of a movies by choosing different shots
Brandon Novara
@theaveragejoe · 4:30


I would love to sit down and go, hey, did you think that this was going to be enough to sell the movie? Because this portrays a completely different story and I think if we pulled people on the streets, I bet you they would all say the same thing if they hadn't seen it. So I am very excited about it, excited to tell about it because I think it is a very important film
Swell Team
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Tremaine Hinds
@tremaine · 1:28
It's unfortunately a thing that happens very frequently and I feel that kids are on the same age who watch this movie, can see how these people are reacting to it and if they've been through it themselves, they can understand and know that the feelings that they're feeling are valid. I'm not fully sure how to explain this, but I also love how the movie was so not over the top, if that makes sense