The world is on fire and I'm speechless. I think I can pretty confidently say that most people who know me would disclose describe me as outgoing, social, maybe chatty, maybe too chatty sometimes. That's pretty much what I've been most of my life. But lately I feel like I'm struggling to speak, to engage, to be around people, to do anything pretty much. I don't know, I think people call this depression

#depression #anxiety #capitalism Posting this only having listened to first 48 seconds. I was afraid id delete it if I kept going.

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#depression #anxiety #trauma #ptsd #fuckcancer #isolation #mentalhealth #selftherapy #talktherapy #mystory

That's the world that we live in, where it's like the left and the right and the huge middle, the centrists. Everyone just f****** weaponizes all of these f****** social issues that are going on, and I don't even know that's me going on a rant. Okay, anyway, I'm going to stop stall. No rants. What? Loki oh, by the way, so, yeah, I don't live alone
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