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Louie Pasculli
@The_LouieP · 2:18

Lets Go Buffalo

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The Bill's front office had a similar plan for the offense a few low key signings that could serve as crucial for a Super Bowl run. With Dawson Ox slowly entering the upper echelon of tight end to the NFL, the Bills decided why not have another Super Bowl winner? OJ. Howard signed a one year deal with the Bills to play a secondary role to captain Ty and Knox. They also drafted a running back to compliment Devon's Singletary with their second round pick

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Ben Dickson
@bdickson11 · 1:43
And I think that's a very reasonable pick because I think they're setting this up to be a year where they're like, we're giving it our all and then I'm sure next year they're going to lose a couple of free agents, especially with how good the Bills are and how well they're going to play this year. I really think it's a scary team for anyone in the AFC and probably the favorite to come out of the AFC into the Super Bowl preseason
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