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#antebellumfilmschool Ep. 1 - Bill Cosby in Post Obama America

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And when you go back and you look at Bill Cosby's career, him coming about in the late 1960s, not going back to the 50s, stand up and I spy looking at his first show, his first ever sitcom, The Bill Cosby Show, from 69 to 71. It was a very unique show. It was the first show with a black like an African American lead that had a show named after Know Julia may have come out before with Diane Carroll, but it was more non stereotypical

PREMIERE! As we approach the 40 year anniversary of The Cosby Show, where is Cosby’s legacy after the Presidency of Obama? tinyurl.com/53m6zz8c

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But if you talk to a lot of younger people about Bill Cosby, because him going away happened relatively recently and so his name has definitely come up, a lot young people, I don't think, really fully understand how influential a figure he was at the time
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