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Harvey Pullings II
@The79thstreetkd · 5:00

Where exactly Cinema in the "New World."

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These are things that they're still being made, and you could come across them on various streaming platforms. But the movie house is not the church that it used to be. So this is just one of my thoughts. I definitely plan on returning to it again

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 2:52
I am so tuned in. I'm so excited to hear what else you have to say about this, because it's something that I think about a lot, too. I'm a theater artist, but I love film. I love watching movies. I love going to the movies and I would love to make movies in my lifetime as well. It is a very strange and new time, I feel. And coming from the background of theater, the live experience is inextricable
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Glenn Mann
@GlennPriceMann · 4:34
I can go see this. And it's an affordable price. I think that marketplace is there and is available, but I don't think cinema is dead. But it definitely is going through some very difficult challenges and changes. But thank you for this conversation. I really love it
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