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Theo Seibold
@Thatoneweirdo · 5:00

My Fab Four

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And that fab four I'm talking about, of course, is Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia and Rose. Theo golden Girls And for some of those younger individuals out there who may or may not know, this was a TV show sitcom back in late 80s, early ninety s, and that ran for seven seasons. Extremely popular

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Romie herself
@Romiesays · 2:33

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He's kind of the Ringo where it's like, oh, here's the kind of goofy, funny one, but who's also really strong and can hold the Beat together and is always like, why are we worrying about this? Why don't we enjoy the fact that we're friends and hanging out and have a sandwich or something? And then you have Aramis who is always trying to figure out how to be moral but still have fun
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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 0:56

@Romiesays @MrBingo

Oh, I just love this conversation. Thank you both. And it is really about when we see those examples you both gave, it is about connection and flow and chemistry, and I got your back, and I'm going to give you s***. And all those things in between. It makes me think of the Fab Four in my life, which are me and my sisters
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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Maggie Leguizamon
@JLT_Coaching · 2:03


And again, I think this show is just so iconic, and although it's been off the air for so many years, I still feel like a lot of the things that they talk about is so relevant today. Different generations with the same problems and same issues and can see the differences between generations on how we handled, like homosexuality, racism. All of the things that the show brought, I think was handled so well. We can relate because we were raised by those types of grandparents, parents
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Arish Ali
@arish · 1:02
It was groundbreaking in terms of some of the many social issues that it touched upon and topics for its time. It was way ahead of the game in many ways. But just for the sheer fun and wit, it is literally the gold standard. Very few sitcom since then have reached that level of writing and have that kind of longevity in terms of the humor and wit they bring. I think Cheers would be one more. I would say that kind of is like that to some extent
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Theo Seibold
@Thatoneweirdo · 4:49


And the very last episode has Leslie Nielsen, Dorothy gets married. But, yeah, it's all about being pieces of of a just collective that all just come together. And when they do, like, as standalones are so great, but when they come together, it's just that much better. So, yes, Golden Girls, Beatles, such a huge makeup of my life. Thank you so much for chiming in and I hope to talk to you real soon
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Theo Seibold
@Thatoneweirdo · 4:47


And I've always loved and apparently this happens quite a bit, probably more than I ever expected because I've always maybe it's an old fashioned side of me, but there's always been that mindset of when you first start a relationship or you're quoting somebody, dating them, seeing them, what have you. It's a very singular space. It's just the two of you
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Tim Ereneta
@Tim · 1:34
Hey, Theo appreciate this swell and I too am a big fan of the Beatles and I never got into the Golden Girls because I was of the age when it was on that I was not around Saturday nights to watch TV. It was a young adult and doing other stuff. But here is my question, because you mentioned it's about the life of being senior citizens. My understanding is that the main characters, apart from a Salgeti, were between the ages of 53 and 60
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Theo Seibold
@Thatoneweirdo · 4:32


So, yeah, I had to look that up, and I'll look a little deeper, and I want to try to see, season wise, where that trend happened, where they focused on their job, because I think that was part of it for me, was always as a kid, like, they didn't focus a whole lot on what they did professionally. And in Sofia's case, she was just the all powerful, all seeing Sophia. Like, that was her job
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