These beings are commonly seen as holding great wisdom and power. They're present for and willing to help with guiding the living in the highest good of all

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Indy Rishi Singh
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What if all the characters in our lives are different guides, some of them are demonic, and some of them are angelic. Right. Anyways, this space is really interesting and important for me. It's also a space of caution because we can easily take our addictions or our habits of victimization or victimhood into the shamanic spaces. And you can see a lot of shamans now kind of using that to capitalize on people's trauma and their negative patterns or patterns of powerlessness. Right
Sontaia Briggs
@PKBriggs · 2:03

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And this is very appealing to me because I like that it feels very accessible to anyone and it feels like it's between you and a divine. You don't need to go through another person to get there. I know sometimes that is the hierarchy of organized religions and particularly Christianity. There's this pastor person that you are seeking to help you communicate with God. I don't happen to believe that that's not my personal belief within that system, but that is how a lot of people see it

A Shaman in Journey.🙏🏽❤️💯🧘🏽‍♂️

In a dream, a dreamer has access to alter the dream, perhaps slow down the dream, analyze the dream, but there are limitations. The dreamer knows that there's an unknown component to the dream that cannot be controlled. But instead we just have to observe. And some of us learn from these observations instead of personalizing. It being that shamanism dates back anywhere between 35,000 BCE or 100,000 BCE before common error. This only complements the idea that religion was birthed from shamanism
Deborah Pardes
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I think it's interesting to look at the word journey because journey feels like it's along sort of this path that is in one direction, but it's so not and especially when life is really compressed into an intense day and things change in that day. So I love thinking about shamanic journeying as something that has really a very nonlinear experience

@DBPardes "a Concept of Time"

Hey, Deborah, thank you so much for joining this rich dialogue. We really love what you really highlighted on about this concept of time. Yes. Going from linear to circular and what that does for us. Right. Immediately you start seeing that ideas start reflecting a circular pattern in terms of it doesn't really end. Wherever there's a perceived ending, there's a new beginning. And so the same concept is adopted in shamanic journey
Theresa Williams
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I feel like the shamanic journey is like a form of meditation that we can go back to anytime we want. And yes, if you have to keep going back to somebody, anybody, your therapist, your shaman, your chiropractor, your doctor for the same problem and you're not seeing a significant result from it, then you need to find somebody else to help you get through that. I think that the shamanic past is the place of direct revelations so that you can find those answers yourself